What is my role as a Life Coach?

I believe that my clients are "creative, resourceful and whole". They are capable of making changes in their lives by becoming self-aware, identifying their strengths and areas needed for growth, and by taking intentional steps toward accomplishing their goals. 


What distinguishes an ADHD Life Coach?

As an ADHD Life Coach, I am trained not only to guide individuals to make effective changes in their lives, but to also pay specific attention to what obstacles they might face because of their ADHD or ADHD-like symptoms.  My goal is to help my clients, regardless of their age identify how these potential challenges can benefit them and help them live productive and fulfilling lives. 


I'm here to help you learn more about ADHD in your school, in your family, or in your company through interactive workshops and ongoing consultations.  


I coach clients with an ADHD/ADD diagnosis or ADHD/ADD symptoms.  My clients are students (10 years-old and older), young adults and parents/caregivers, who are interested in making positive changes in their lives.  Please schedule a complimentary consultation to learn more about my practice and to discover if coaching is right for you.

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During my workshops, I integrate my knowledge and understanding of human development with my in-depth knowledge of ADHD.  By tailoring my sessions to the specific audience, I ensure that participants walk away with both a deeper understanding of ADHD and tools to help children (and adults) be more productive and comfortable in their day-to-day lives.

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