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In a Meeting

Corporate Training

During her workshops, Hilary integrates her in-depth knowledge of ADHD with the needs of the professional organization.  By tailoring her session to the specific audience, Hilary ensures that participants walk away with both a deeper understanding of ADHD and tools to help company team members become more inclusive and productive in their personal and professional lives.

Teacher and Pupils

Teacher Training

Educating teachers has been a passion for Hilary since early in her teaching career twenty years ago.  She has facilitated numerous workshops on classroom management and meeting the needs of all learners.  During this workshop, Hilary weaves her understanding of child development and what is occurring in the classroom together with her in-depth knowledge of ADHD.  She provides teachers of all grade levels with tools that will benefit not only those diagnosed with ADHD, but all of the twenty-first century learners they work with each and every day.

Family at a Beach

Parent Workshops

Being told that your child has ADHD or has ADHD symptoms is not a life sentence.  Rather, it is just another part of parenting that needs a little more guidance. 


ADHD Defined:

Hilary teaches parents about the ADHD diagnosis, what it entails, and how you can be your child’s advocate in this journey.  You will walk away not only with a deeper understanding of ADHD, but also with tools that you can use to help your child and your entire family.

It's a Team Effort:

This workshop focuses on why and how parents, teachers and students must collaborate in order to help our children with ADHD thrive in school. Hilary discusses how to create an effective school and home team that takes into consideration everyone's expertise.

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