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Follow along as Hilary K. Stern, M.Ed., CALC, ADHD life coach and consultant, educator and parent of 4, helps parents identify ways to make living with a child with ADHD or ADHD symptoms more manageable and enjoyable for everyone in the household. During the course, Hilary educates particpants about ADHD and dispells myths, while also sharing practical and easy-to-implement tools. She addresses how to help these children thrive in a time of uncertainty.

ADHD Defined

  • The PDF of the PowerPoint for ADHD Defined contains the recording embedded into the title page.  The guided notes are included to go along with the class.  To honor the confidentiality of the attendees of the live session, the recording does not include any of the audience participation.  The resources and recording are only intended for the individual who purchased the class.  

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